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Idaho Area Trail Updates

Brian the Machine is at it again! Busy getting trails open 😊. Thank you!

“On May 13, I headed up Old Sandon Road to H Road and Alamo. Trees and low alder now cleared from Alamo Jct. up to the 1200 snow line on H Road. 

“I then headed up the Alamo Wagon Road with my trusty saws and made it to 1280 meters before finding the snow line.

“Both trails in good shape, no washouts, slides or debris, and nothing my hand or electric saw could not handle.

“One grouse, squirrels, a couple of toads on H Road.  No bears or other persons, other than Phil and company heading out in the AM to clear the Three Bumps trail.

“For reference, last year on May 11 the snow line on H Road was at 1050 meters, and on May 19 the snow line on Alamo was at 1220 meters.”