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  • Butter Me (not quite) Up

    Butter Me (not quite) Up

    Butter Me Up is not yet finished and open to ride, but it’s getting close. Please hold off for the next two weeks so it is safe and packed and finished – any riding now could damage the soggy trail surface before it is finished and you really don’t want to bump into a machine…

  • Updating Signage

    Updating Signage

    As part of a collaborative signage project with the Sandon Historical Society we reached out to Wayne McCrory of the Valhalla Wilderness Society to replace some of the photos in the K&S Trail kiosk in Three Forks. The Valhalla Wilderness Society installed the kiosks 20 years ago this year! There are plans for additional interpretive…

  • Telegraph Bridge

    Telegraph Bridge

    On Friday morning, a handful of volunteers joined forces with our trail crew for some bridge building on the Telegraph Trail…. what a beauty she is! First tracks by Odin and Ormond (above).

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